• Sequence variation and implications

    Sequence variation and implications Time:2009-10-9 Molecular characterization of Schistosoma japonicum tegument protein tetraspanin-2: Sequence variation and possible implications for immune evasion Pengfei Cai, Lingyi Bu, Heng Wang Laboratory of Parasitology, Chinese Academy of Medical Science
  • Antibody isotype responses to paramyosin

    Antibody isotype responses to paramyosin, a vaccine candidate for schistosomiasis, and their correlations with resistance and fibrosis in patients with Schistosoma japonicum in Leyte, The Philippines T. Nara1), K. Iizumi1), H. Ohmae2), O.S. Sy3), S. Tsubota1), Y. Inaba4), A. Tsubouchi1), M. Tanabe5), S. Kojima6), T. Aoki1)
  • Recommendations

    Several recommendations were made pertaining to scientific, operational and organizational issues. Scientific Recommendations
  • Reference Database on Schistosomiasis

    This database was setup by Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Wuxi, PR China. All references in the database were published in Chinese in Chinese Journal since 1950, covering the epidemiology, immunology, biology, molecular biology, medicine,etc. in the field of schistosomiasis japonica.
  • The China Endemic Diseases Society

    The China Endemic Diseases Society was founded in January 1994 as a voluntary body of national 1st category and an independent corporate body approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs after agreement of the Ministry of Health of China.
  • The GIS Training Course Focused

    The GIS Training Course Focused on Schistosomiasis Research. November 9-17,1998,JIangsu Institute Parasitic Diseases,Wuxi,Chna