Sequence variation and implications

Sequence variation and implications
Molecular characterization of Schistosoma japonicum tegument protein tetraspanin-2: Sequence variation and possible implications for immune evasion
Pengfei Cai, Lingyi Bu, Heng Wang
Laboratory of Parasitology, Chinese Academy of Medical Science
Schistosomiasis is the most serious parasite disease in China. 0.8 million people suffer from the disease and more than 65 million people in China are at risk.
Data showing that tetraspanins (TSPs) of Schistosoma mansoni are protective antigens are presented. The structural features of tetraspanins are shown. The procedure for cloning of Sj-tsp-2 ORF is presented. Results shown include variation of Sj-tsp-2  into seven subclasses and Sj-tsp-2 variation at the amino acid level. The 3D structure of Sj-TSP-2e shows the variable region  exposed at the surface of the molecule.