The GIS Training Course Focused

The GIS Training Course Focused on Schistosomiasis Research.

November 9-17,1998,JIangsu Institute Parasitic Diseases,Wuxi,Chna

   Ten teams od students (twenty two individuals) from widely dispersed areas in China gathered in Wuxi,Jiangsu Province to participate in the GIS training course focused on Schistosomiasis Research from November 9-17,1998. A list of the students is attached in the first appendix. The course was funded by WHO/TDR and was hosted by the JIangsu Institute of Parastitute Diseases. The instruction was provided by a team of experts from the ivision of Parastitc Diseases,Centers for Disease Control (DPD_CDC). the Center for Health Applications of Aerospace-Related Technology (CHAART) of  NASA,Environmental System reasch,Institute,Incorporated(ESRI), the leading GIS software and the Data Automation Kite was donated by ESRI for each team to keep and use after the course,Furthermore,ESRI donated a set of course notes and data sets fot the Arcview and Avenue tutorial phases of the course. ERDAS,Inc., helped by loaning ten copies of Imagine image classification and analysis software for the students use during the Remote Sensing (RS) part of the workshop.

  Suggested by Dr. Malone, a Network on GIS of Schistosomiasis Control in China was established in order to link with all participants in the course and exchange experience on GIS research and application. The working group of the network will be in GIS laboratory of JIangsu Institute of Parastitic Diseases. The working group will help answer or solve any question or problem in the GIS/RS application through the network. It was also suggested that a workshop on Application of GIS RS in Schistosomiasis Control in China can be Organized in 2000.

Schistosomiasis control in China: GIS training

  A training course on Geographic Information Systems(GIS) was held recently in JIangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases(JIPD),Wuxi,Jiangsu province.It was attended by 22 partcipants from schistosomiasis control programmes and research institutes in schistosomiasis-endemic areas of China.

  Participants were introduced to the principles of GISs. They leanred how to create,edit and digitize maps,set up databases with demographic or research data that could be linked to the maps,associate these database with digitized maps,and then produce customized maps showing data or conduce spatial analysis.

WHO Training course in Medical Applications  of Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Louisiana State University,Baton Rouge,LA 70803 September 15 -- December 15,1999


  To provide a course to health workers on medical applications of geographic information systems and sensing(GIS): 1) to enable trainers to implement GIS technology for control program management of Disease,and 2)to qualifyu trainees to educate other personnal on GIS health applications in their home country.

Course Plan:

  During a three-month course,trainees will be provided instruction on conceptual and technical aspects of GIS Health Map applications to disease control.Instruction will be provided on GIS design,construction and analysis,basis geography relevent to GIS,global position systems(GPS)methodology,medical GIS database design,internet database/map/image resources and spatial analysis.