Working Group of RNAS


  • Locate opportunities for funding.
  • Disseminate information about ongoing research and training.
  • Develop standardized surveillance protocols.
  • Evaluate current control strategies.
  • Share plans for new studies.


  • Dr. Feng Zheng, Institute of Parasitic Diseases, CAPM, Shanghai, P.R. China
  • Dr. Remigio Olveda, Research Institute of Tropical Medicine, Manila, Philippines

P.R. China

  • Dr. Yuan Hongchang (National Schistosomosis Control Board, epidemiology)
  • Dr. Guo Jiagang (National Office for Schistosomosis Control & Surveillance)
  • Dr. Shi Fuhui(animal schistosomosis, Agriculture Ministry Linkage, animal vaccines)
  • Dr. Shi Youen (lake region contact, animal vaccines)
  • Dr. Qiu Dongchuan (montain regon contact, serogical testing)
  • Dr. Zhou Xiaonong (funding agencies contact, GIS)
  • Mr. Yu Dongbao (China-Philippines linkage, economics)


  • Dr. Gemiliano Aligui (medical parasitology, epidemiology)
  • Dr. Lydia Leonardo (public health)
  • Dr. Tomas Fernandez (veterinary parasitology)

International Advisors

  • Dr. A. Lee Willingham, Denmark (veterinary parasitology)
  • Dr. Stephen T. McGarvey, U.S.A. (human morbidity)
  • Dr. Adrian Sleigh, Australia (epidemiology)
  • Dr. Sake de Vlas, Netherlands (modelling)
  • Dr. Marcel Tanner, Switzerland (human parasitology)
  • Dr. Robert Bergquist, WHO/TDR
  • Dr. Lorenzo Savioli, Schistosomosis & Intestinal Diseases, WHO/CTD
  • Dr. Francois Meslin, Zoonoses Unit, WHOEMC
  • Dr. Yu Senhai,WHO/PHE
  • Dr. Jorgen Hansen, Helminthology Unit, Division of Animal Health & Production, FAO